Why can’t The Lido open its changing rooms?

The layout of our changing rooms and showers does not easily allow for social distancing under current guidelines for indoor spaces. Also, we do not have enough staff to clean touch points after every use in the changing rooms. Until restrictions relax, we are keeping our changing rooms closed because we take the safety of our customers and our staff seriously. Thank you for arriving showered and ‘beach-ready’.

Can I visit as a spectator?

Although we currently have a limited capacity, which includes the people on poolside as well as in the water, spectator tickets will be available for purchase from 19th July. Please remember if you are bringing children under 8 years, they must be accompanied into the water.

Why can’t I buy a season ticket?

First, the fluidity of the situation caused by the pandemic has made it hard to guarantee a full season. Also, The Lido is struggling to remain financially viable through the current restrictions because capacity is so severely restricted. We have priced individual tickets as keenly as we dare, while trying to protect the future of the pool. As restrictions ease and capacity can increase, we will review our prices. We really hope to be back to offering season tickets next year. Thank you for every ticket you buy to swim with us; you are helping The Lido to survive.

Can I take photographs?

No photography is allowed in public sessions in 2021. We can only allow photography in public sessions when we record the full details of the photographer, in accordance with our policy of safeguarding children and vulnerable people. During COVID restrictions, recording such data creates too much close contact between staff and customers. We also have the unusual situation of people changing on poolside and on the lawn during sessions. We therefore cannot allow photography at The Lido this year; please be kind to our staff if they have to remind you not to take photos.

Why isn’t the café open?

We have spent the winter rebuilding our café to save the building and modernise the kitchen. We are hoping to open the café later in the season when capacity can increase sufficiently to make it financially viable. The café is a valued part of a day out at The Lido, and of our income, and we very much look forward to opening again.