The Lido Spinal Board Appeal

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We’re launching an appeal to buy a new spinal board.

A spinal or Pool Extraction Board is used to rescue casualties with suspected spinal injuries from swimming pools.

Our existing yellow board, which you may have seen hanging up on poolside, has been discontinued and it is becoming harder to purchase the necessary spares for it. It also requires four people to use, which can be tricky to achieve in a small facility like The Lido.

The RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society UK) has developed a new board specifically for pool operators and lifeguards like ourselves at The Lido, in order to speed up rescue and training time, improve safety and reduce demands on staff. It requires only two or three trained users to carry out a pool rescue, meaning that a rescue could be more quickly achieved.

The new PXB board costs £1,000 and we hope you can contribute to funding it.

Please scan the QR code below or visit: