Pike Hike

The Pike Hike

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What on earth is the Pike Hike?

Karen Whitehouse and a friend are climbing Scafell Pike to raise money for their favourite local charity – The Chipping Norton Lido.

They thought climbing a lovely mountain in the Lake District wasn’t enough to merit your donations, because everyone can do that for fun. So decided to raise the levels of their own discomfort and after a very quick brainstorm over a few glasses of wine, decided a better challenge would be to climb the mountain wearing fancy dress.

That means Karen will be climbing Scafell Pike on 7th October wearing an oversized Heinz baked bean tabard.

This seemingly incongruous mixture of outfits will not only make the challenge harder physically, but will also no doubt leave a lot of other walkers questioning their sanity.

“So – we beg of you – to ensure this humiliation is not in vain, please support us and a lovely local charity by donating to our very unique cause” – Karen Whitehouse