Nathan Phelps at The Lido

Whistler’s Restaurant Marathon Man

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Whistler’s Restaurant swimming chef achieved the remarkable feat of swimming 10 km to raise over £2,000 for The Lido on a sunny Sunday in May!

Nathan Phelps of Whistler’s Restaurant in Chipping Norton, clocked up 400 lengths without stopping while other swimmers young and old also swam lengths alongside him to achieve a collective community marathon.

“We’re so grateful to Nathan for his amazing efforts. He overcame many setbacks, not least a stay in hospital in January which knocked him out of training for a month, but he stuck with it and powered on to reach his goal. Watching Nathan swim you would never guess that he learnt his technique by watching YouTube videos!”

We look forward to seeing what Nathan has planned next!!

👉🏼 You can still donate via the link: